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Digital Marketing Guidelines for Channel Partners

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  1. The Channel Partner shall furnish a copy of the valid RERA Registration Certificate issued by the authorities, to the Company.
  2. The Channel Partner Name & Channel Partner UID needs to be mentioned in the Customer Application Form.
  3. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or suspend the Terms & Conditions of this Registration Form.
  4. Consideration value = Total Consideration of the Plot.
  5. In case the customer is availing a loan, Sanction Letter from the respective bank is mandatory.
  6. The RERA registration number is mandatory to be mentioned in all the correspondence to the Company and Project.
  7. The Channel Partner shall market/advertise the Project, in any form, based on the marketing material approved by the Company with a prior written consent.
In Consideration of the services provided by the Channel Partner, the Company shall pay the Commission subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein below:
  1. Commission percentage in respect of all the Projects present as well as future upcoming projects of the Company of the plot cost after receipt of current outstanding as on date or 10% of the total consideration, whichever is higher at the time of execution and registration of the Agreement for Sale. (Please note: CP fees may vary during campaign and the same shall be disclosed priory)
  2. The Channel Partner shall ensure that the customer executes and register the Agreement for Sale as per the for prescribed by the Company/ Promoter/ Developer in accordance with the provisions of The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (“RERA”) and rules framed thereunder from time to time.
  3. All payments to Channel Partner shall be made in Indian Currency (INR) after deduction applicable taxes. The payments at all times be subject to being permitted and valid under applicable policies, laws, orders, and regulations.
  4. The Channel Partner shall raise an invoice for the amounts payable by the Company. Each invoice shall be delivered to the address of the Company, as specified by the Company, by courier or by hand delivery. Cheque only, no cash or kind will be given.
  5. Subject to the fulfillment of Conditions (a) the Company shall attempt to pay the Commission within 90 days of receipt of the tax invoice. All payments shall be made subject to deduction of tax at source.
  6. In the event, the Customer cancels or terminates the Agreement for Sale/ Allotment Letter/ Booking Application in respect of the flat/shop/unit/office, the provisions of Agreement for Sale/ Allotment Letter/ Booking Application shall prevail.
  7. Channel Partner/ Broker should come with the customers for his/her first visit.
  8. All dispute shall be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.
  9. Channel Partner/ Broker have to comply all the laws/ statutory which come in force from time to time.
  10. Channel Partner/ Broker should provide all documents as and when demanded by the Company (copies)
  1. Use only the material exclusively prepared for Authorized Channel Partners of KK Realty that is available in the Channel Partner kit that can be downloaded from our official website.
  2. The website (s) / landing page (s) created by Channel Partner should carry a clear disclaimer at the top & bottom of the page (s) stating that is it not an official KK Realty website and belongs to a registered Channel Partner.
  3. The price information being communicated in any manner, if any, has to be approved on email or attested hardcopy by the Company that is being marketed.
  4. Publishing project information in a way other than specified is strictly prohibited. Strict action shall be taken if found guilty which shall be inclusive and not limited to reporting to MahaRERA.
  5. As per MahaRERA guidelines, always mentioned you own MahaRERA registration number and the project MahaRERA registration number separately on the landing page (s) / website (s) along with the MahaRERA website URL and you shall strictly comply with the provisions of RERA.
  1. Do not purchase or use a domain name that is exactly as the project name that is being marketed by the company.
  2. Do not host a business listing on Google or any other Social Media platforms claiming to be the official owning a project belonging to KK Realty. If any such listing is found, an official notice shall be sent to you to either transfer the ownership to KK Realty or pull down the said listing on an immediate basis. Further we may choose to report the same to Google.
  3. Do not suggest changes to website, contact number, email address or any other information on an official KK Realty business listing, which may be published anywhere on the internet.
  4. Do not involve in any unfair trade practices and/or not mis-represent the Company in any manner whatsoever.